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This is a posthumous blog of our father's (Lim Kok Ann) life. When our father passed away on 8 March 2003, he left behind an unpublished autobiography. We'd like to celebrate his life by sharing his autobiography through this blog.

"I have dredged these anecdotes from memory just to pass the time; if they amuse my grandchildren their purpose will have been served; if they provide any instruction, it will be a happy coincidence; that they are disjointed is probably to be expected.

Aurora was the name of my grandfather’s house in Kulangsu.   Amoy, where I spent the first five or six years of my life.   I still have vivid memories of events that took place when I was barely three years old.

Lim Kok Ann
October 1996"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

1:22 Lim Peng Han. My uncle Peng Han at that time ran a motor repair shop in Veerasamy Road, and I went to visit him with the idea of learning something from the “University of Life”. I did not learn very muchfor Uncle Peng Han was an unorthodox businessman. When I asked him to let me help him keep his account books, he laughed and said he did not need any book-keeping, he knew how much people owed him, and he knew how much he owed people; he tried to collect as much of the former and to pay as little of the latter as possible. He would buy a car cheaply because it had some mechanical problem, fix the problem and sell the car second-hand, “as good as new”. Buy cheap and sell dear was his motto, and that was business for him.

Uncle Peng Han’s great interest was driving, rather than repairing cars, and he once took me on a Motor Rally to Kuala Lumpur in his up-graded MG. I was the navigator, and did my job so badly that when we passed the finishing line, we learned that we had approached it from the wrong direction! I did not learn much motor repairing from Uncle Peng Han, but I did learn driving and got my driving licence driving one of his rehabilitated crocks. I was able to borrow his cars while they were waiting to be sold, giving them test-runs, supposedly, but as “wheels” to take my girl-friend driving. Sometimes the car I borrowed would act-up and cause me no end of embarrassment, but it was all good fun.


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