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This is a posthumous blog of our father's (Lim Kok Ann) life. When our father passed away on 8 March 2003, he left behind an unpublished autobiography. We'd like to celebrate his life by sharing his autobiography through this blog.

"I have dredged these anecdotes from memory just to pass the time; if they amuse my grandchildren their purpose will have been served; if they provide any instruction, it will be a happy coincidence; that they are disjointed is probably to be expected.

Aurora was the name of my grandfather’s house in Kulangsu.   Amoy, where I spent the first five or six years of my life.   I still have vivid memories of events that took place when I was barely three years old.

Lim Kok Ann
October 1996"

Saturday, November 01, 2008

3.3 Chee Phui Hung
To augment our staff Hale recruited recent graduates as Assistant Lecturers, one being Chee Phui Hung and the other Lee Liang Hin. Phui Hung was one of the students with whom I had played a lot of bridge. He had married a fellow student by name of Diana Lim whose father was Dr. Albert Lim and a family friend, going a long way back. Albert Lim’s father had been a suitor for the hand of my Grandma Hwang Tuan-Keng and having lost out to Boon Keng, named his first grand-daughter Tuan-Keng in fond memory of what might have been. Albert Lim and his brother Harold had their schooling in Edinburgh and were school-mates of my Uncle Robert at Heriot Watts School, and both graduated as doctors from Edinburgh University. Both returned to Singapore and established themselves as doctors. Albert had four daughters including Tuan-Keng, also named Margaret, and Diana, and a son named Jimmy. All four girls graduated in medicine at Singapore University and all married doctors. Jimmy also took a medical degree in Edinburgh.“One-track minds” was Phui Hung’s comment.

Phui Hung was a great leader in the medical fraternity and played a major role in organizing the medical alumni. He was largely responsible for the building of the present Alumni club house in College Road in the grounds of the General Hospital off Outram Road and may be found there most days presiding over the doctors’ lunch. Phui Hung stayed with us only a couple of years, he had wanted to get a feel of academic life before he settled down to general practice.

(Editor's Note --Dr Chee Phui Hung is still leading the medical alumni now in 2008. I last saw him at the Medical Dinner -- where he was greeted with much affectionate applause.)


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