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This is a posthumous blog of our father's (Lim Kok Ann) life. When our father passed away on 8 March 2003, he left behind an unpublished autobiography. We'd like to celebrate his life by sharing his autobiography through this blog.

"I have dredged these anecdotes from memory just to pass the time; if they amuse my grandchildren their purpose will have been served; if they provide any instruction, it will be a happy coincidence; that they are disjointed is probably to be expected.

Aurora was the name of my grandfather’s house in Kulangsu.   Amoy, where I spent the first five or six years of my life.   I still have vivid memories of events that took place when I was barely three years old.

Lim Kok Ann
October 1996"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4:5 Su Hui and Sing Yuen

For a year or so before I became a Professor, my family had been living in University quarters in Ross Avenue, on the other side of Bukit Timah Road from the main University campus. It was while we were at Ross Avenue that my family was enlarged in 1960 by the arrival of a son who was named Su Hui (thinking with perception) by Grandma Yin. There was a twelve year gap between Su Hui and Su Chong, so we were in effect starting another family. By coincidence Carleton was in Singapore at that time and on visiting mother and child at Gleneagles Hospital, swiftly examined the new arrival and pronounced him free from any obvious defects. We did not exactly plan to have another child, but I told Rosie that it would be wise to have another so that Su Hui could have a companion, and so we did in due course, and Sing Yuen (Star Cloud) was born in 1962 when we were living in College Road.

Note: Chinese name their children with variations on a theme so that siblings recognize the cohort they belonged to. Soon Hock. Soon Lock and Soon Siew were three brothers well known in Raffles College. Long strings of name variations ordered by generations are available. My grandfather named his children unconventionally and I did likewise.


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