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This is a posthumous blog of our father's (Lim Kok Ann) life. When our father passed away on 8 March 2003, he left behind an unpublished autobiography. We'd like to celebrate his life by sharing his autobiography through this blog.

"I have dredged these anecdotes from memory just to pass the time; if they amuse my grandchildren their purpose will have been served; if they provide any instruction, it will be a happy coincidence; that they are disjointed is probably to be expected.

Aurora was the name of my grandfather’s house in Kulangsu.   Amoy, where I spent the first five or six years of my life.   I still have vivid memories of events that took place when I was barely three years old.

Lim Kok Ann
October 1996"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4:11 Doctor of Medicine
I was so fired up by the above that on my return to Singapore I decided to write up my work on combination antiserum pools as a thesis and submit it for the Doctor of Medicine degree in Edinburgh University. Whereas most MD theses that had passed through my hands when I was Dean of Medicine were hefty tomes about 3 cm thick, my theses was barely one cm thick, including the hard covers! Mine was an original idea, and there were no clinical cases to report, no review of articles by other authors on the subject. It was a stand alone thing that the examiners thought well of for they awarded me the degree without an oral examination. Who would quiz the inventor of something proven to work? I went to Edinburgh in 1973 to receive my degree in my brand new MD gown that I have worn only once or twice since.


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